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Our Story


Our vision for a local market started with the opening of Copper Cellar in 1975. The goal was the same then as it is now: Offer many fresh, ready to go favorites from all of our restaurant concepts in one convenient location.

The idea for a market began long ago, when we first noticed a need for a one-stop shop for ready-made meals and essential grocery items in the area. But it was the beginning of the pandemic that sparked plans to open sooner than expected and offer curbside pickup. During the pandemic, curbside service was our way of limiting contact without compromising on quality. 

Today, we proudly offer our community the ability to pick up or stop in to enjoy fresh, prepared meals and products at fair and reasonable prices. Many of our homemade products and ingredients are batch-made in bulk and distributed straight from our commissary daily to ensure the freshest quality possible.


We’re proud to say some of our customers’ favorite local and regional products are sourced right here in our home region! Copper Cellar Marketplace partners with the same local and regional farmers that service our restaurants. Maryville, Oak Ridge, Monroe, Chattanooga, and Nashville are just a few nearby areas our ingredients come from.

All of our items are fresh and ready when you are… Check us out on social media for daily pricing and availability!

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